Kebhna is an online Bookstore. Which aims on providing a Quality and affordable books for children. Visitors in our online Bookstore have a chance to find books specifically wrote for children in different languages spoken in Eritrea and Ethiopia. The books and educational materials listed on our online Bookstore are written by experienced authors and educators. With a simple click you would be able to own the Books and delivered to your home no matter where you live.


Our mission is to enable children have an opportunity to find books Easley and delivered to their doorsteps. As the name of our online Bookstore implies” Kebhna” meaning “Shelf” will be an Online Bookstore where books only for children’s are sold. Since children are the future of a society, we believe giving them a chance to find books Easley and motivating them to read more is core idea of Kebhna. Therefore Kebhna book store is the best platform to provide you with a lot of different kind of books and other educational materials special wrote for our children.


Our Vision is to be the Hub where book for children ́s are sold. To grow and be a bridge between writers and readers. Providing a platform where Autors and educators can sell their books and educational materials for children. The authors of the Kebhna books stay motivated which encourage them to creat more and modern best ebooks to our platform to make them easily accessible to our customers. Come and get connect with Kebhna to make your children happy and have a bright future.

ኢንጅ ዑቅቢት ረዘነ

Kebhna Book Store is created and owned by Eng Okbit Rezene, he has Bachelor Degree in Engineering, he is a teacher and an author, since he was young, he was very interested to teach children's different
language specially their language, he wrote a couple of Tigrinya children's books, the books are prepared to teach Tigrinya language in a simple, modern and fun way. He is also working hard to write more children's books , specially for children's who live abroad to learn Tigrinya language without any shortage of resources, his Tigrinya children's books can also be used by adults and elders who want to learn Tigrinya language.